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Small and medium size businesses are losing to major corporations because it’s too difficult to keep up with today’s digital marketing tools. We build websites that utilizes technology that is relevant to your business.

Free features

All of our subscription plans include a range of free features, including the following.

Photo and video gallery

The photos and videos uploaded during the order process will sometimes be used to create these galleries.


You can enable the ability to add blog posts during the order process. Blog posts can be displayed on the website’s front page.

Integration of social media

Instagram and Facebook feeds might be embedded into the website.

Premium add-on features

These premium features can be added for a fee when subscribing to the Business plan. These features are all included in the Pro subscription plan.

White label






Click on the feature to learn more

Request revisions

$9.99 per revision / FREE for Pro subscribers

After publishing the website, you can always make changes. If your subscription is for the Personal or Business plan, you can request changes for a fee. Changes are free for Pro plan subscribers.

What makes us better…

Today’s web design agencies are overpriced and outdated. Ordering their services no longer makes sense for a small business. But done. is different.

The price is clear. No need for a quote.

At a web design agency, you’ll receive a quote estimate. Suddenly, a $2,000 job turned into $3,000.

Not with us. Simply enter what you need, and you’ll see the final price right in front of you.

No need for a live consultation

Instead of spending hours discussing features with an agency that is only looking to sell you stuff you don’t need, you can spend 15 minutes explaining your business, telling us what you want to offer your customers. We’ll do the rest. No tricks.

No setup fees or long-term commitments

Most web development agencies would require an extensive deposit to get started, and once you’ve paid the thousands of dollars they charged to build you a website, there’s no turning back.

Not with done.!

“We want done. to be a force for good, giving the local mom and pop shop the ability to make use of today’s digital marketing technology and make themselves competitive against the big corporations that are taking over their market.”

– Tobias Mikalsen, Founder and CEO

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