Bringing digital marketing to small and medium size businesses

Business owners don’t have the time to learn how to build websites. It takes time, it’s difficult, and having others do it for you is expensive… Not anymore!

The Process of Having a Website Built for you

We aim at making it easier than ever to get a website. You’ll make it happen in three simple steps:

1. Select a plan and features

Add any features specific to your line of business, such as an appointment booking system.

2. Submit order and pay

Enter your business info, review an overview of your order and add-on features, and pay.

3. Tell your story

Complete a form with information about your business, upload your logo, and upload any other photos.

After checkout

We’ll design your website within 24 hours

Using the content you have provided, we will craft a website customized for your business.

*Draft will be provided within 7 days when selecting the Personal plan.

Built and designed by experts using the information you have provided

Copywriting by professionals

After receiving your website draft

Review and request design revisions.

When your website is ready, you will get the chance to review it. We hope you’ll be highly satisfied with our first draft. However, we realize that you might want to make some changes. That’s why you can request up to three revisions before publishing. 

Three rounds of free revisions before publishing your website

After making your changes

Approve and publish.

When the finishing touches are over with, you can once again review your final draft and publish with the push of a button. It’s that simple.

If you realize that you should have made some other changes, don’t worry, it can still be done.

Make additional changes for free up to 7 days after publishing your website

100% satisfaction guarantee

That’s a promise. If you don’t like your website, even after completing design revisions, we’ll refund your order immediately.

Features for Your Business

We aim to provide your business with a fully customized website. You’ll also have the opportunity to add features that can add value to your website.

For example…



Accept table reservations


Add an appointment reservation system


Accept bookings on your website and through web travel agencies

Local store

Sell or allow reservation of products through e-commerce

Forever afterwards

We’ll do your maintenance. You’ll do your business. And you won’t be left alone.

With most web design agencies, after they’ve received their final paycheck, you’re left on your own. With done., you won’t need to worry about keeping your website safe, up to date, or well maintained. We’ll upgrade your website and its features, and keep things working.

As you continue your business, you’ll need to make changes and updates to your website. We’ll take care of that as well. Simply order content changes, new features, and get all the help you need through your account page, via our live chat, or over the phone.


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