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Building a website is not for everyone. Now, you can bring your business online at the price of a phone line, without lifting a finger.

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Provide your business info to get started in 15 minutes or less

We’ll build your website and send it to you in 24 hours

Ask for design revisions and approve at any time

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Our Service

Doing your digital marketing for you.

Building a website takes time. We’ll take care of it all, so that you don’t have to. You can spend that time on your business instead.

No Up-Front Charges

We believe in simple pricing. With done., all you pay is a flat monthly subscription. No commitment.

Quick Delivery

We guarantee delivery within 24h of your order. Not satisfied? Let us know within 7 days and we’ll fix it.

Flexible Features

Get all the features you need for your business, such as appointment booking, e-commerce, and more.


Wondering what your website could look like?

This demo displays a sample of a yoga studio website design. We do not use the same design for all yoga studios and gyms, but customize its content, features, typography, and design to fit your business.

The features displayed in this demo are included in the Business subscription plan.

100% satisfaction guarantee

That’s a promise. If you don’t like your website, even after completing design revisions, we’ll refund your money immediately.

The price is clear

At a web design agency, you’ll receive a quote estimate. Suddenly, a $2,000 job turned into $3,000. Not with us. Simply enter what you need, and you’ll see the final price right in front of you.

No need for a consultation

Instead of spending hours discussing features with an agency that is only looking to sell you stuff you don’t need, take 15 minutes to tell us about your business, and we’ll take it from there.

No commitments

We don’t take huge deposits, and we don’t believe in binding contracts that make you feel trapped. done. is simple. Stay if you like our service, and leave if you don’t.

Your Part

You know your business. Content. That’s all we need.

You have better things to do than learning how to build a website. Just tell us all about you. That’s it.

Our Part

We know the technology. We’ll take care of the rest.

Not everyone is tech savvy. You don’t need to be. That’s what done. is all about; making digital marketing accessible for everyone.

Our mission.

Offering high quality services at a low price. That’s us.


Digital marketing tools require owners of small businesses to spend time on things they don’t know how to do.

We’ll do it for you.


If you want to truly benefit from digital marketing technology, it requires hundreds of hours of education.

We’ll do it in hours.


If you don’t have the time to bring your business online yourself, you might hire someone to do it for you.

We’ll do it for less.

The Process of Having a Website Built for you

We aim at making it easier than ever to get a website. You’ll make it happen in three simple steps:

1. Tell your story

Complete a form with information about your business, upload your logo, and upload any other photos.

2. Select add-on features

Add any features specific to your line of business, such as an appointment booking system.

3. Submit order and pay

Enter your business info, review an overview of your order and add-on features, and pay.

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Phone: +1 (415) 432-8838

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