Become a done. ambassador

As a done. ambassador, you can earn up to $10,000 per month within one year. You will earn a commission for every new customer and for every recurring base plan payment these customers pay.

Benefits and Commission

Selling our services will earn you a commission. Because you will also earn commission on payments from retained customers, your monthly income will increase gradually, eventually landing you with a very good monthly income.

20% commission on new sales

For every new sale, you will earn a commission of 20% of the full order, incl. add-on features.

10% commission on recurring subscriptions

When your customers continues to subscribe to our services, you earn a 10% commission of the base plan (excl. add-on features).

Earn $25 for referral of new ambassadors

You will receive $25 for every new ambassador you have referred to us. The new ambassador must acquire at least 25 customers before you receive your payment.

Friends & family discount on our services

Receive a 20% discount on base subscription purchases for up to 10 family and friends, and a 10% discount on recurring payments. Access to this benefit is given after acquiring 50 customers.

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