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Let Us Build You The Perfect Website. We’re On Your Side.

Don’t let big corporations steal your customers. Take up arms and get started with modern marketing today.

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Why do you need a website?

Digital Marketing is fundamental to the survival of Small Businesses.

Appear in local search results

If you’re running a local business along an interstate, in a small town, or in a big city, 81% of your customers will do research online before shopping.

Become competitive against big corp America

Facebook is no longer effective

Social media platforms are making it more difficult to reach customers to make advertising more attractive to businesses. A website will make your brand visible and accessible.

Showcase your products and services

So, why should you choose done. for your website?

Why get a website from Done?

Well, let’s start with three reasons…


Digital marketing tools requires you to spend time on things you don’t know how to do.

We’ll do it for you.


If you want to truly benefit from digital marketing technology, it requires hundreds of hours of education.

We’ll do it in hours.


If you don’t have the time to bring your business online yourself, you might hire someone to do it for you.

We’ll do it for less.

We have a video that can tell you more. Do you want to see it?

Do you want to see a demo website?

This Is What Your Website Could Look Like


Hotel and travel

Yoga studio


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What makes done. different from the rest?

That list is long, but these are most important…

The price is clear

At a web design agency, you’ll receive a quote estimate. Suddenly, a $2,000 job turned into $3,000. Not with us. Simply enter what you need, and you’ll see the final price right in front of you.

No need for a consultation

Instead of spending hours discussing features with an agency that is only looking to sell you stuff you don’t need, take 15 minutes to tell us about your business, and we’ll take it from there.

No commitments

We don’t take huge deposits, and we don’t believe in binding contracts that make you feel trapped. done. is simple. Stay if you like our service, and leave if you don’t.

There’s more.

For example…

Satisfaction guaranteed!

You’ll be able to ask for three drafts before publishing. Once your website is published, you will have the opportunity to request one set of changes for free within 7 days. If you’re still not satisfied, you get your money back. It’s that simple.

We make changes for you

After publishing your website, you will always have the opportunity to make changes. If your subscription is for the Personal or Business plan, you can request these changes for a fee, and no charge for Pro plan subscribers.

Get your website in 24 hours

Our team will design and develop your fully customized website based on what we learn about your business. Our copywriters and designers will ensure that your website receives an elegant and professional look.

Talk to humans, not the computer

We’re available to take orders, answer questions, and make changes to your website over the phone. We can also be reached via chat on our website.

We believe that our mission is noble. Let me show you a quote by our founder.

“We want done. to be a force for good, giving the local mom and pop shop the ability to make use of today’s digital marketing technology and make themselves competitive against the big corporations that are taking over their market.”

– Tobias Mikalsen, Founder and CEO

We have some information about features ready. Do you want to go there?

Features for every business

Every business is different. We offer the right features.

Photo and video gallery

The photos and videos uploaded during the order process will sometimes be used to create these galleries.


You can enable the ability to add blog posts during the order process. Blog posts can be displayed on the website’s front page.

Integration of social media

Instagram and Facebook feeds might be embedded into the website.

Premium features

Add value to your website with the features that your customers need.

Click here to see features

Free features

Ready to continue to pricing?

Premium features

These are just some of them though.

Appointment booking

Let employees book an appintment, or have us optimize it for your business. For example, if you’re running a hair salon, users can select the type of cut they want, a specific employee, followed by a specific date and time.

Email addresses

Get your personal email address, associated with your specific domain. For example, you can set up an email address such as “”, or one for a specific department, such as “”. 


Run your very own online store. You will have access to a simple and straight forward product and order management system where you can add photos, descriptions, manage inventory and pricing, and much more.

Hotel bookings

Let your customers book rooms on your website! We’ll connect all the platforms you’re currently on, such as or AirBnB, and ensure that availability is coordinated between these platforms and your website.

Table reservations

Running a restaurant? Let your customers reserve a table. If you’d like, we can set up and coordinate table reservations across multiple platforms.


Your customers might not always speak English. Translate your website into multiple languages of your choosing. Our software is as simple as can be.

There are a bunch of other features to explore. You’ll get a full overview during the order process. 

The right plan for you

Do you want to learn what more is included in all subscription plans, or do you want get started and choose the right plan?

Included in all plans

Unlimited site visits

Cyber security

No commitment

Automatic backups

Technical support

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited storage

Marketing consultation

We’ve reached the end of the line.

When you’re ready to place an order, we’re here to guide you through the process. Order online or over the phone. It couldn’t be any easier!

So, what’s next?

Getting started

Three steps to order a website online…

1. Select a plan and features

Add any features specific to your line of business, such as an appointment booking system.

2. Submit order and pay

Enter your business info, review an overview of your order and add-on features, and pay.

3. Tell your story

Complete a form with information about your business, upload your logo, and upload any other photos.

Simple enough, right? Ready to go back?

That’s okay.

We’ll be here if you change your mind.

Want us to get in touch? Leave your phone number and we’ll give you a call.

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